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Auto Accident Lawyers in New Iberia, Louisiana

There are plenty of auto accident lawyers out there, but you need one you can trust. With more than 35 years of experience in New Iberia, Louisiana, we have the experience you deserve. Our office concentrates on civil trial litigation involving various legal matters with a focus on personal injury, but also works on commercial and business cases.

Personal Injury Representation

We are proud to have the most modern and impressive trial attorney facility in south Louisiana. The attorneys at David Groner, P.L.C. professionally handle a variety of legal matters. Our main area of expertise includes personal injuries cases resulting from:

• Automobile Accidents
• Commercial/18 Wheeler Accidents
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Wrongful Deaths
• Offshore Injuries
• Jones Act
• Other Maritime Claims
• Boating Accidents
• Work Related Injuries
• Police Brutality & Police Misconducts
• Workers' Compensation Cases
• Malicious Prosecutions
• Defective Products
• Premises Liability Cases (Defective Conditions Existing at Houses & Business)
• Sexual Abuse & Child Molestation
• Aviation Related Injuries
• Helicopter Crashes
• Airplane Crashes
• Medical Malpractice
• Hospital & Nursing Home Malpractice
• Exposure to Toxic Chemicals or Products
• Pedestrian Accidents
• Bicycle Accidents
• Railroad Collisions

Complex Commercial Cases & Other Litigation

While our focus is on personal injury cases, our attorneys also have experience in other areas of law. Some of the other types of cases we work on include:

• Contract Disputes
• Breach of Corporate Officer Fiduciary Duty
• Lease Disputes

• Partnership Dissolutions
• Corporation Receivership & Liquidation
• Property Disputes

• Expropriation of Property (Taking of Property by the Government)

Non-Litigation Services

Our office also performs non-litigation services. Some of those services are:

• Incorporation of Business
• Partnership Formation
• Corporate Counsel
• Drafting Contracts
• Review of Contracts
• General Business Advice & Counsel